18 minutes | Dec 25th 2016

Episode 001 Research Chemicals

Announcements Research chemicals are the chemicals that were part of a research project, but were not thoroughly tested and were only tested in a laboratory setting. Some of these drugs are responsible for a lot of deaths around the country. Some pose a huge officer safety risk for police officers or anyone else that may come into contact with these drugs. Do you want more information on this subject? Check out our online courses at OnLineDrugTraining.com and our blog, The Briefing Room. These articles and courses from OnLineDrugTraining.com can help you more on this subject. Current Drug Trends, Including the Latest on Synthetic Drugs (our #1 e-course!) What the Flakka? 4 Things Cops Need to Know About the Drug 7 Things Every Cop Should Know About the Drug Molly Things are Spicing Up for Law Enforcement 5 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Fentanyl Why You Should Stop Field Testing Drugs Immediately!   BOLO In this week's BOLO broadcast, I take time out to talk about the recent release of toxicology results in the Tulsa, OK officer involved shooting and talk about its ramificaitons.   Connect With Me If you want to learn more about drugs, go to our online classroom at OnLineDrugTraining.com. If you have any questions, or want to leave a comment, email us at podcast@onlinedrugtraining.com. Get on our mailing list to receive our training bulletin. Like me on Faceb
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