5 minutes | Dec 25th 2016

Episode 000 Introduction

Welcome to the Drug Training Podcast! In this episode, I introduce myself and give you my qualifications for hosting this podcast. I also take time out to explain to you what the podcast will be about. What can you expect from this show? Each week we will answer all of your questions about drugs. Some episodes may cover individual drugs, other episodes may talk about procedures like dealing with addicts or people high on drugs. Who is this show for? Cops, school officials wanting to get ahead of the curve, and businesses who need to do drug testing or want to keep drugs out of the workforce. Who shouldn't listen to this podcast? It’s not for people that do drugs. We definitely won’t agree on anything and you’ll get frustrated and want to send me messages about the “failed drug war." Connect With Me If you want to learn more about drugs, go to our online classroom at OnLineDrugTraining.com. If you have any questions, or want to leave a comment, email us at podcast@onlinedrugtraining.com. Most importantly, please subscribe, rate and review us on Itunes! Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter
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