13 minutes | Feb 1st 2017

DUI WIthdrawals & Marijuana Grows

In this episode, I ask the question, "Can a person withdrawaling from heroin be DUI?" We will explore this question in depth as we dedicate another episode to withdrawling from drugs. In this week's BOLO broadcast, I discuss one of my blog articles that covers finding marijuana grows with an AM radio. The blog has been reposted throughout the amateur HAM community. It does work! I'll talk about how it works and the basics of why it happens in this week's BOLO broadcast. Earn a Free Course! Each month, I will take one five star reviewer and give them a free e-course. Winners will be announced at the end of a podcast each month. All you have to do to enter is enter a five star review on iTunes! SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Don't forget to go to that link and rate and review us too!  
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