60 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

Beekeeping and Reweaving (with Ariella Daly)

We can each be guided by what we love, and by what breaks our hearts. Ariella Daly's heart is with the bees. If you've listened to The Dreamers' Den series, you heard Ariella in Episode 31, speaking about dream mirroring, bee shamanism, and the dreamweave of the earth.She's back now to to kick off Turning Season Podcast with me, opening her heart about how she relates to this time of ecological crisis and possibility, humans as a part of nature, and teaching natural beekeeping.Click Play to hear us talk about:the 3 stories of our time -- Business as Usual, The Great Unravelling, and The Great Turning -- and how these three stories are playing out for bees, and for beekeepers.the differences between conventional beekeeping, natural beekeeping, and other ways of being with the beesthe "alarm bell" bees have been ringing, with their deaths and "colony collapse," and what we can dobees on almond trees and bees on city rooftopswhat it feels like to bring a child into the world while feeling great love for life on Earth, and going through times of ecological apathy and dreadand looking through multiple lenses to realize there are no simple answers, so we focus less on policing each other or exiting a destructive system, and more on nourishing new ways of life You'll hear the voice of Ariella's 6-month-old baby, too, and hear her get distracted by the beauty of leaves outside the window. I love those moments, because no matter what else we're focused on, parenthood and trees in the wind are present too, all the time.Subscribe to Turning Season Podcast to get every dose of active hope. I'm thrilled to be bringing you this new, expanded podcast including conversations with healers, changemakers, visionaries, inventors, and all kinds of people doing the on-the-ground work of The Great Turning.Show notes and resources: turningseason.com/episode1Music by East Forest
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