26 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

Ep.10 Hackers Can Easily Get Trump's Nuke Codes And Launch Missiles (You're Fired!!....literally)

On this weeks episode, Dreadindian talks about a Smuggler who was caught with 2lbs of gold worth $60,000 in his backside, a Zambian man who was married and was spotted by his wife while he was about to marry another woman, a Chinese woman who brought 23 family members on a 'Blind Date', a Dutch security expert who hacked into Trump’s Twitter, NASA landing the Osiris-Rex space craft on an asteroid named Bennu, Parents who named their baby after an 'Internet Provider' just to receive Free Wifi for 18 Years and Scientists who have created Meat-Flavoured Ice Cream.

It's a crazy world out there and DreadIndian is here to guide you through it!

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