44 minutes | Oct 10th 2018

Ep #12: Online Bullying, Performance Anxiety, & Self-Care in Drag with Lillith Grey Part II

  This is Part II of the amazing conversation with Lillith Grey. If you haven’t listened to the first part of this podcast from last week, we highly recommend that you do!  We had an amazing chat about mental health, trauma, and how we as performers work through our trauma on stage — whether we know it or not. In this week’s episode, we discuss bullying and how we can implement self-care and mental health practices into our daily routine!   “It’s important for us to not only focus  just on the people who experience bullying, but also the  people who do it.”   “Your first five performances, generally you don’t even remember… but after that, it’s time to start really looking at what you are doing, and watching your videos critically and a lot of times that’s an anxiety-provoking thing because you have to be willing to grow…”   “If we just took the time to learn about ourselves before going out into the world, then it would it would change everything… “ – Brandi Amara Skyy   “There’s no absolute in life, but you can’t have either or. It’s all about both/ands. You need the person who is going to be the militant and burn the motherfucker down. But then you also need the person that is going to come in and be like how can I bridge these two together. “ – Brandi Amara Skyy   LISTEN TO THE SHOW Subscribe:   iTunes  Listen: Stitcher    TOPICS DISCUSSED (with all new timestamps!) A breakdown on disruption –   1:48 Activist “Hats” and their roles  – 4:15 Online Bullying – 5:28 Suggestions to help online bullying  7:20 Perpetrators of bullying – 8:52 The receiver of bullying – 9:53 Trusting and overlooking signs of a bully – 11:01 Lillith gives personal encounter with bullies – 12:05 Maintaining mental health  – 13:15 *The golden ticket* Toxic Relationships – 14:02 The technology takeover – 15:50 Relationship models – 18:16 Anxiety – 21:22 Owning your craft, preparation, & resources – 29:37 Realistic goals and reasons behind them – 30:23 Daily habits to promote self-growth – 31:54 Lillith’s mental health education platform – 32:45 Anxiety is an asshole course by Lillith Grey – 34:00 TIP YOUR MC & SHOW CREW AND GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! GET BONUS CONTENT!   RESOURCES, PEEPS, AND THINGS MENTIONED Anxiety is an Asshole course Join The Drag Show Podcast online VIP newsletter! Find out more about your Host & MC Brandi Amara Skyy Drag University – THE online school of drag  #wearedrag YouTube channel   MORE FROM LILLITH GREY Personal Social Media:  Facebook Twitter Salty Lady Burlesque   MORE FROM BRANDI AMARA SKYY Brandiamaraskyy.com Brandi’s Instagram How To Be A Drag Queen: A guide and werkbook for queens, faux queens, and everything in between – Book Drag University   THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Devin Dame & Gage Gatlyn – Gatlyn Dame Group Thank you Dana Barber!!!!!   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! AND THANK YOU TO THE TDSP TEAM: JESSICA J’ADORE & NA’TALIA D BLACK!!!!  LOVE THE SHOW? DYING FOR MORE? GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + SECRET SHOWS AND BE A PART OF THE DRAGOLUTION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW GET BONUS CONTENT! The post Ep #12: Online Bullying, Performance Anxiety, & Self-Care in Drag with Lillith Grey Part II appeared first on The Drag Show Podcast.
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