37 minutes | Oct 4th 2018

Ep #11: Mental Health and Self Care in Drag with Lillith Grey Part I

In this week’s episode, we go deep into one of the biggest challenges our community faces – our mental health as performers and the trauma we perform and live with as queers – regardless if we are aware of our trauma or not. I knew this topic needed to be handled not only with care but also by a professional who understood the complexities and intersections we as queer people face. The person I immediately thought of was this week’s guest, Lillith Grey. And I was absolutely right. There was so much goodness and information to digest in our conversation, I decided to split the episode into 2 parts. The second episode is all about online bullying, dealing with performance anxiety, and Lillith’s top 3 things we ALL as performers should incorporate into our personal self-care routine. Part 2 is dropping Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 6pm CST. If you’re dying to listen now and don’t want to wait a whole other week, you can unlock part II on online bullying, anxiety, and self-care BEFORE it’s released publicly by becoming a TDSP supporter for as little as a $1 month here. All donations go directly to the production of this podcast including paying other queer craftspeople for their work on the show. I learned SO MUCH in these two episodes and I’m so excited to share them with you!   LISTEN TO THE SHOW Subscribe:   iTunes  Listen:  Stitcher    TOPICS DISCUSSED How she got started in her clinical work 8:30 The lines between therapy and performance 9:45 What we as queers are really performing onstage 13:00 Integrating the performer with the professional 14:00 Doing drag for fun vs. finding and/or having a meaning 15:00 Drag appropriation vs. wanting to do drag for fun 18:19 Why self-care is important and the concept minority-trauma 21:00 Why POC specific spaces are important 22:15  Why white-only spaces aren’t the same as POC specific spaces 25:00 Biggest struggles she’s seen in the queer performance community 27:50 UNLOCK PART II OF OUR CONVERSATION ON ONLINE BULLYING FOR $1 BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW. CLICK HERE TO UNLOCK    RESOURCES, PEEPS, AND THINGS MENTIONED Anxiety is an Asshole course Texas Queerlesque Festival Tuesday Tease  Expressive Arts Therapy TheGraciousMind.com for info about mental health education and  resources, and a link to a therapist referral list (all of whom are queer-affirming) Find out more about your Host & MC Brandi Amara Skyy Drag University – THE online school of drag  #wearedrag YouTube channel   MORE FROM LILLITH GREY Personal Social Media:  Facebook Twitter Salty Lady Burlesque   MORE FROM BRANDI AMARA SKYY Brandiamaraskyy.com Brandi’s Instagram How to Be A Drag Queen: A guide and werkbook for female drag queens – NEW LATTE PRICE! Drag University   THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Devin Dame & Gage Gatlyn – Gatlyn Dame Group Thank you Dana!!!!!   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! AND THANK YOU TO THE TDSP TEAM: JESSICA J’ADORE & NA’TALIA D BLACK!!!!  LOVE THE SHOW? DYING FOR MORE? GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + SECRET SHOWS AND BE A PART OF THE DRAGOLUTION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW GET BONUS CONTENT! The post Ep #11: Mental Health and Self Care in Drag with Lillith Grey Part I appeared first on The Drag Show Podcast.
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