50 minutes | Sep 27th 2018

Ep #10: Werrrk.com – Building a Drag Media Empire with HBIC Chiffon Dior

This week Brandi Amara Skyy has her infamous annual conversation with friend and fellow empire builder Chiffon Dior, the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge), founder, and creator of the highly sourced and heavily trafficked drag media site, Werrrk.com. In this week’s conversation, they talk inspiration, dreams (and making them a reality), and all the behind the scenes Tea of werking as the HBIC at Werrrk.com!   “Rather than trying to outperform them, i write about them.” “What i like is my site isn’t an aggregation site we have over 200 interviews from big drag stars, to Broadway to wrestlers.” “My mindset is like i have this great big sandbox and if people want to come in and build something that they are interested in they can come do it.” Chiffon on the why and how of her site “It’s long form. I like that someone can read a long-form article when they’re supposed to be working.“ Chiffon on her website “My dream is to make this, if not a full time, at least a partial source of income for some of my people who have been really supportive of me and haven’t gotten a lot in return except personal satisfaction and the ongoing joke that they get paid in Necco Wafers.” “I don’t take credit for it, but I take pride in it.” Chiffon on seeing the queens and other drag artists she’s interviewed succeed.    LISTEN TO THE SHOW Listen:  Stitcher    TOPICS DISCUSSED (with all new timestamps!) BULLET POINT WITH THE TIME IT HAPPENS (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW) Doing drag, writing, and Michelle Visage 10:30  Going off on her own and starting Not Safe For Werk 12:42 Going from idea to reality 13:30 About and how it started werrrk.com 16:27 Finding writers and how to pitch your work 22:00 Backstage Berry 26:00 How to make your online presence werk for you 28:00 What the future holds for werrrk.com 29:41 Drag Con New York 30:00 Art and making them a reality costs money 33:40 What inspires her to keep going 37:37 Why there’s 3 Rs in werrrk.com 40:45 Werrrk’s Drag Con streak… will it continue?!??! 43:12 TIP YOUR MC & SHOW CREW AND GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! GET BONUS CONTENT!   RESOURCES, PEEPS, AND THINGS MENTIONED #wearedrag YouTube channel Brandi Amara Skyy 2015  werrrk.com piece Spencer’s Fashions articles Crunk Panda – Cosplay Star Poppy Fields – What a Lark Courtney Conquers articles for Werrrk Paige Lauren – Interviews with Queens in LA Emily Meow based in UK articles for Werrrk Backstage Berry Drag Con New York Coverage – Coming Soon! Werrrk’s Year End Awards Instagram of the Week Online Drag Pageants – Miss Bio Werrrk Pageant Panda Box’s werrrk.com Bushwig Gallery   MORE FROM NAME OF GUEST Personal Social Media:  Facebook Instagram @ChiffonDior Farmers Only Twitter Werrrk.com Social Media:  Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter   MORE FROM BRANDI AMARA SKYY Brandiamaraskyy.com Brandi’s Instagram How to Be A Drag Queen: A guide and werkbook for female drag queens – NEW LATTE PRICE! Drag University   THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Devin Dame & Gage Gatlyn – Gatlyn Dame Group Thank you Dana!!!!!   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! AND THANK YOU TO THE TDSP TEAM: JESSICA J’ADORE & NA’TALIA D BLACK!!!!  LOVE THE SHOW? DYING FOR MORE? GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + SECRET SHOWS AND BE A PART OF THE DRAGOLUTION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW GET BONUS CONTENT! The post Ep #10: Werrrk.com – Building a Drag Media Empire with HBIC Chiffon Dior appeared first on The Drag Show Podcast.
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