41 minutes | Sep 5th 2018

Ep #08: Drag Makeup with Venus Envy

This week Brandi Amara Skyy is having a full-on makeup kiki with one of the most flawless female drag queens on Instagram, Venus Envy. From her top 3 favorite drag queen makeup products to how she balances her day job with drag, Venus spills all her own tea. Print out the show notes, grab a pen, and get ready to take some notes because if want to learn how to paint a serious mug this is THE episode to listen to!   “My face now is the face I’ve always been trying to do. It’s like bits and pieces from other drag queens that I admire.” — VENUS ENVY “I want to be known as a female drag queen and take it to a level that it hasn’t been taken before.” — VENUS ENVY   LISTEN TO THE SHOW https://thedragshowpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/The-Drag-Show-Podcast-Ep.-08-Drag-Makeup-with-Venus-Envy.mp3 Subscribe:   iTunes  Listen: SoundCloud | Stitcher    TOPICS DISCUSSED Who Venus Envy is and how she got started in drag 3:44 How drag (especially for nontraditional drag artist) can feel lonely 6:45 Changing your drag name and how it affects your brand as a drag 9:05 How and why she identifies as a female drag queen 11:25 Advice to someone who just started drag 13:45 How social media has changed the access to drag 16:45 How female drag queens are received in the drag community 19:11 How has social media changed and influenced her drag 24:51 Venus talks drag makeup and how her mug evolved 25:45 Her fav products 27:30 Drag, the day job, and finding the time 30:30 What her drag goal is 31:53 Biggest advice dealing with the haters 33:00 Download a PDF of the complete Show Notes HERE   TIP YOUR MC & SHOW CREW AND GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! GET BONUS CONTENT!     RESOURCES, PEEPS, AND THINGS MENTIONED Drag University – THE online school of drag  #wearedrag YouTube channel The Drag Show Podcast Patreon How to be a drag queen: 12 pieces World of Wonder Tuesday Wikipedia Faux Queen Pulse Nightclub Twisted Tuesday Cherry Bomb Ruby Scott Fauxnique Holy McGrail Drag Coven Courtney Conquers Miss Gay USofA Jenna Skyy Eva Dystruction India Ferrah Axel Andrews Kryolan TV paint sticks NYX liquid suede lipsticks 301 lashes   MORE FROM NAME OF GUEST Instagram: @VenusEnvyDrag Twitter: @VenusEnvyDrag Facebook: Facebook.com/VenusEnvyDrag YouTube: YouTube.com/c/VenusEnvyDrag   MORE FROM BRANDI AMARA SKYY Brandiamaraskyy.com Brandi’s Instagram How To Be A Drag Queen: A guide and werkbook for queens, faux queens, and everything in between – Book Drag University – ENROLLMENT OPEN NOW TILL MIDNIGHT CST SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2018!!!   THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Devin Dame & Gage Gatlyn – Gatlyn Dame Group Thank you Dana!!!!!   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! AND THANK YOU TO THE TDSP TEAM: JESSICA J’ADORE & NA’TALIA D BLACK!!!!  LOVE THE SHOW? DYING FOR MORE? GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + SECRET SHOWS AND BE A PART OF THE DRAGOLUTION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW GET BONUS CONTENT! The post Ep #08: Drag Makeup with Venus Envy appeared first on The Drag Show Podcast.
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