53 minutes | Aug 29th 2018

Ep #07: Drag Kings, Drag Pageants, and Vogue Magazine with Ivory Onyx

    Two words: Drag Kings. Yep, this is THE episode everyone’s been asking about and it’s finally here! This week Brandi Amara Skyy talks with Ivory Onyx who’s not only a highly decorated drag king but has been in the business for over 20 years. He was one of the kings to be featured in Vogue Magazine (yes, you read that right — as in THE Vogue) and in this episode you get an exclusive behind the scenes pass on how that magic happened. But we also talk about topics that only affect the drag king community but ALL of us as drag artists as well: stage presence, being valued, and inspiration.   “Drag is a movement and we have to move together.” — Ivory Onyx  “Drag is full expression …It doesn’t matter what gender you start off with and what gender you are presenting.” — Ivory Onyx   LISTEN TO THE SHOW https://thedragshowpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/The-Drag-Show-Podcast-Ep.-07-Drag-Kings-Drag-Pageants-and-Vogue-Magazine-with-Ivory-Onyx.mp3 Subscribe:   iTunes  Listen: SoundCloud | Stitcher    TOPICS DISCUSSED Who Ivory and how did he get started in drag 3:40 DISCLAIMER: TDSP DOES NOT CONDONE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR 5:30 How Ivory got into the pageant scene after feeling bored with his drag 8:30 First experience in pageants 10:02 How pageants influence his real-life drag and how he uses them as an artistic tool 12:00 Has becoming a national title holder changed the way he does drag? 14:25 Drag kings and their lack of representation (THIS IS GOLD!) 16:00 Responsibilities of being the ‘first’ of your drag subculture to perform in your local scene 19:30 The behind-the-scenes of experience of Vogue 20:17 On the pressure (or not) of being a role model 29:00 Stage presence: Getting the audience to pay attention to your performance 32:10 Definitions of drag 34:40 Bridging the divide in drag (THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE SHIT) 38:00 Race and drag 39:57 What the world needs to know about drag kings 42:45 The drag kings HE looks up to 46:42 Download a PDF of the complete Show Notes HERE    TIP YOUR MC & SHOW CREW AND GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES! GET BONUS CONTENT!   RESOURCES, PEEPS, AND THINGS MENTIONED   Drag University – THE online school of drag  #wearedrag YouTube channel The Drag Show Podcast Patreon FB for Brandi Amara Skyy Cher Musico Photography Oliver Clothesoff Katelyn Thorpe – Ivory’s wife Mr. New York USofA 2010 Ivory In His 1st Evening Wear 2013 USofA Mi 2017 USofA Classic Vogue Magazine David Bridgeman Miss USofA Diva 2014 Emeritus The Making of the Drag King Documentary Havock von Doom – Ivory’s Drag King Hamburger Mary’s Drag King Show Nikki Kidd Jordan Allen Gage Gatyln Andro Gin Landon Cider Spikey Van Dyky Gunner Gatyln   MORE FROM NAME OF GUEST Instagram: @Ivory_Onyx Facebook: Dee Tho   MORE FROM BRANDI AMARA SKYY Brandiamaraskyy.com Brandi’s Instagram How To Be A Drag Queen: A guide and werkbook for queens, faux queens, and everything in between – Book Drag University – ENROLLMENT OPEN NOW TILL MIDNIGHT CST SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2018!!!   THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Devin Dame & Gage Gatlyn – Gatlyn Dame Group Thank you Dana!!!!!   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! AND THANK YOU TO THE TDSP TEAM: JESSICA J’ADORE & NA’TALIA D BLACK!!!!  LOVE THE SHOW? DYING FOR MORE? GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + SECRET SHOWS AND BE A PART OF THE DRAGOLUTION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW GET BONUS CONTENT! The post Ep #07: Drag Kings, Drag Pageants, and Vogue Magazine with Ivory Onyx appeared first on The Drag Show Podcast.
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