44 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

Dr. Carolina Vila (@MsVila) - Becoming A Private Tutor

Dr. Carolina Vila is a high school mathematics teacher in Medford, Massachusetts. She has previous experience teaching middle school mathematics, mathematics intervention, geography, and computers. Besides her full-time teaching career, Dr. Vila tutors both child and adult learners for coursework and tests such as the SAT and MTEL. Other relevant experiences include summer teaching in Uganda, Africa, and Nepal, Asia. 

Dr. Vila completed her doctoral program in 2019 under the advisory of Dr. Lynne Celli and Dr. Judith Klimkiewicz at American International College. Her research focused on student attitudinal factors such as self-efficacy, self-concept, and enjoyment toward mathematics across multiple variables including grade level, race, and achievement. Her research is published in The Interdisciplinary Journal of Advances in Research in Education. 

Dr. Vila has presented on several topics including her own research, social media usage in schools, and inquiry learning. She is profiled in the book The Synergy of Inquiry Teaching (2014) by Paul Jablon as a model educator.