41 minutes | Jul 31, 2020

Ep. 29 "In lighter news"

This week we are joined by Mike (@BioMosley), Patrick (@Blodhthringa) With all the numerous game Showcases and press conferences, this week we have handpicked some minor topics we found interesting. Marvel's Avengers to get a free POST-Launch Hero. Once the game is out Hawkeye will be joining the fight as a playable character in the game, with his own unique story and missions. Animal Crossing New Summer update, brings DREAMS, and Cloud saves to your island. Allowing players to Dream of other players' islands without the need to travel there via dodo airlines.  Along with being able to back up your own island to the cloud, for safekeeping in case of and unfortunate event to your game or switch. Ubisoft comes out and says that all their next-gen games will be the same price as current-gen, eliminating all worry of the 10$ hike (well for this one company that is) Iron Harvest is hitting open beta! A new PowerA Controller is out, and it's perfect for tiny hands! As always, your likes, comments, subscribes help us out weekly and we thank all our fans! Questions? Ideas? Topics to hit on? Let us know by emailing us at thedxpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter @DXPpodcast We post very random Video Game things.  Want to be on the show? YOU CAN!! We would LOVE to have you, by booking with us on our Facebook Page!  Mike and Patrick are both back Streaming Via Twitch if ever want to chill with either one.   Would you Kindly, join us on Discord! We would love to chat with y'all and get feedback, along with learning about your Favorite Video Game! DISCORD!!!
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