59 minutes | Jun 26, 2020

Ep. 25 "AH Pokemon Snap!"

This week we are joined by Mike (@BioMosley), Patrick (@Blodhthringa) This weeks’ episode, we talk about Mixer shut down, and Microsoft partnering up with Facebook for the Gaming Steaming service. The Summer Game Fest Day Of Devs happened and we talk about all that is coming out of that reveal.  Coming soon to a smash bros near you a New Challenger approaches. We talk about the games that stood out to us in the NGPX, Also known as the New Game Plus Expo! We additionally give out an appraisal on  Pokemon Unite As always, your likes, comments, subscribes help us out weekly and we thank all our fans! Questions? Ideas? Topics to hit on? Let us know by emailing us at thedxpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter @DXPpodcast We post very random Video Game things.  Want to be on the show? YOU CAN!! We would LOVE to have you, by booking with us on our Facebook Page!  Mike and Patrick are both back Streaming Via Twitch if ever want to chill with either one.   Would you Kindly, join us on Discord! We would love to chat with y'all and get feedback, along with learning about your Favorite Video Game! DISCORD!!!
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