22 minutes | Mar 5th 2021

Fridays Relaxation is our song

This weeks relaxation is dedicated to Eimear (Surprise! Eimear is another talented local Yoga teacher!). Thank you for all the support sweetheart x
Ayurveda and Yoga believe that mental health, well-being, dosha balance, all lay in one very accessable place. Nature. Wellness comes from the word... "well" the well should never run dry. But it can and in our modern world, our wealth is our health, and our well can run low once stress ploughs its troughs into our minds.
This is relaxation, or an alternative to Yoga Nidra, it is an awake sleep- I will be covering Yoga Nidra in Series three relaxations, just to shake it up, add a bit of Rajas, and then we can easy find Sattva, or harmony! 
Contact Kelly at kelly@thedoshalife.com for all things Yoga, Ayurveda. Please leave a comment,  a review or rating. I love suggestions for podcast subjects, or meditation / relaxation you would like me to cover.  If it is one I can use, I will dedicate it to you and your kindness. x

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