30 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

Ayurveda & Fertility as we take time with specialist Vanessa Long

Thank you so much to Vanessa Long, Ayurveda Fertility & Wellness Coach and Ayurdoula. 
Contact Vanessa at www.nessaLong.com 
Email vanessag@nessalong.com
Both Vanessa and Kelly trained & qualified as Ayurveda therapist and educators in the UK with Atreya Smith of the European Institude of Vedic studies.
You may not know it but fertility from the perspective of Ayurveda is so important no matter what the age! . I am biased, but Vanessa brings so much to this subject. 
Warning: Interviews are a new venture! EEK to editing! Make sure to share with others! 
Times for each subject! To make you smile, stay till the end for the funny outtakes, Vanessa has the best laugh! x
Time with Vanessa Long, she will be a regular guest once our schedules get a bit less vata! 
5:25 How Vanessa got here

10:23 What is the Ayurveda approach to fertility?

13:15 What is the Ayurvedic fertility preparation protocol of both parents?

16:12 Does the constitution of the parents impact the children to be? If so how?

18:25 What is the cleansing process for conception?

24:50 What else should we know in this very brief chat about Ayurveda and fertility? 

Contact Vanessa at www.nessaLong.com 
email vanessa@nessalong.com

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