56 minutes | Jul 10th 2015

44: Marquette Williams, Writer/Producer/Director - Williams and Co

What does an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit think about a company man that wants to collect a check? Find out what Marquette Williams has to say on this episode of The Doorpost Podcast Project! As a writer, director, and producer Marquette Williams’ visual skills leap from the screen with every cut. Translating to deep emotional cinematic experiences. He has written and directed such award-winning films as “Bella Rose”, “Buckle Brothers”, “Unspeakable”, “Malachi IX” and “Fatherhood 101”. His creative ventures into television include “The Making of Black Rose”, “My Second Chance”, “Urban Mods”, and “Trimmers”. Prior to embarking down his directorial path, Mr. Williams was on the management team for 20th Century Fox. While there he oversaw the daily operations of large scale media content for clients such as NASCAR, National Geographic, Universal, Fox Latin American Channels and Fuel TV to mention a few. Marquette Williams brings ideas to life from thought to screen. He knows the way and he can take you there.
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