10 minutes | May 30, 2021

Episode 34: A Terrible Secret

On this Memorial Day 2021 we’re releasing a special episode of the 18th Airborne Corps podcast. This is a shorter episode, 10-minutes long, focused on the ideas behind Memorial Day. 

Episode 34 features no guests, but rather a central theme: the awful price a select few pay for democratic self-rule. We hope you will listen and share this thoughtful episode.

We normally release new episodes of the podcast every Tuesday and Thursday and will continue to do so. However, we’re releasing this episode on Monday, May 31, to coincide with Memorial Day.

The 18th Airborne Corps Podcast offers insight and wisdom for Army leaders from history, current events, or future technology. Every episode covers a full, single concept. Please subscribe to the program on whichever platform you get your podcasts.

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