42 minutes | May 23, 2019

💰 Cash Flow Is Sexy 💸

Today, we have Daniil Kleyman. Daniil has been in real estate since 2006 and started investing while working his full time job. Fortunately, he was laid off in 2008 during the crash and this allowed him to go all in with his real estate endeavors. Today Daniil talks about how he buys land, develops buildings on the land, and holds the buildings for cash flowing assets. This episode is great! He shares a ton of reading material so you can also get in the right frame of mind to achieve your entrepreneur endeavors. Check this episode out and use his helpful tips to go out and build some wealth for you and your family! #DoItMovement Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant By Robert Kiyosaki Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss The Lessons of History By Will Durant  Head Strong By Dave Asprey Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers
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