23 minutes | Aug 6th 2013

DoggyDan Podcast: 5 Golden Rules Introduction – Becoming The Pack Leader

This is a really important podcast because it sets up WHY you need to become the Pack Leader in your home. This is the cornerstone of my training method and the cure for almost all behavioural issues. It also introduces my 5 Golden Rules that when put into place, will establish you as the Pack Leader. You'll discover: Why you need to become the Pack Leader Why you think you may be the Pack Leader but in your dog's eyes you are not. Who needs to become the Pack Leader How becoming the Pack Leader is going to help you Simple psychology To understand a dog you really need to know where they're coming from. Learning the 5 Golden Rules will teach you the psychology of dogs. What they think, what they see, and how you fit into their lives – which is very different to how we think we fit into theirs. Listen now I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast first, either here on this page by clicking the little play button above, or subscribing to iTunes and using your favourite podcasting app. If you already know the basics behind the Pack Leader mentality, then you can move on to Golden Rule No.1 and the rest which you'll find inside my membership website, theonlinedogtrainer.com. There you'll find videos and more audios covering every aspect of becoming the Pack Leader. .I strongly encourage every dog owner, all over the world, to learn the Five Golden Rules. Cheers, .
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