68 minutes | May 10th 2019

The State of Science for Sex, Aging and Regenerative Medicine with Dr. George Shapiro

The goal to age well and stay on top of my health led me to my guest on this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. George Shapiro. Dr. Shapiro has been a practicing physician for 30 years, specializing in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and age management medicine. Dr. Shapiro was the recipient of the 10th Annual Alan P. Mintz, MD Award, for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine, as he has become known nationwide as an expert in age management medicine, and leads one of the most prominent age management practices in the country as president of Cenegenics New York City. He has long been known as one of New York’s foremost cardiologists, specializing in regenerative medicine and improving longevity, including the genomics of cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure.

On today’s episode, Dr. Shapiro and I discuss the world of regenerative medicine and what the science says about healthy aging. One major issue of aging for many people is a decline in the endocrine system, altering hormones and for some leading to a loss of libido and sexual function. An aging endocrine system also greatly impacts metabolism and can create an excess of dangerous, inflammatory belly-fat. Dr. Shapiro shares his experience in helping patients rebalance hormones. We also dive into more of Dr. Shapiro’s work, like using peptides and exosomes as part of an anti-aging protocol and what kinds of testing he uses to get the full picture of physiological age. I also share my personal experience in working together with him to achieve the longevity I’m after.

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