16 minutes | May 28, 2021

Creating Health Outside Of The Doctor’s Office

Creating Health Outside Of The Doctor’s Office | This episode is brought to you by InsideTracker

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we were facing a loneliness crisis in America. And we know that loneliness is correlated with a range of negative health outcomes. While this information can feel a bit depressing and overwhelming, it also offers insight into how we can make essential shifts towards a healthier and happier society. Community-based healthcare offers amazing potential for creating long-lasting improvements to individual health and has the ability to revolutionize healthcare.

In this mini-episode, Dr. Hyman speaks to Dr. Vivek Murthy about how loneliness is affecting us. He also speaks with Tawny Jones about why community-supported healthcare is so successful; they dive into the amazing benefits that a group approach can have when it comes to reversing disease. 

Dr. Vivek Murthy is the current Surgeon General of the United States and also served as the 19th Surgeon General between 2014-2017. As the Vice Admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, he commanded a uniformed service of 6,600 public health officers globally. During his tenure, Dr. Murthy launched the TurnTheTide campaign, catalyzing a movement among health professionals to address the nation’s opioid crisis. He also issued the first Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, calling for expanded access to prevention and treatment and for recognizing addiction as a chronic illness, not a character flaw. 

In 2017, Dr. Murthy focused his attention on chronic stress and loneliness as prevalent problems that have profound implications for health, productivity, and happiness. His book Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World was published in April 2020.

Tawny Jones is an accomplished Administrator at the Cleveland Clinic. For over 20 years, she has served as a well-respected leader, managing patient concentric care initiatives, creating value, and delivering results in quality improvement, efficient resource management, and health system optimization for various clinical departments. 

Currently, Tawny leads clinical operations at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine where the goal is to establish the efficacy of functional medicine, demonstrate its cost-effectiveness, and its ability to improve health.  Her passion for the promotion of preventative health services and community-based interventions gave impetus to the development of several clinical programs. The Functioning for LifeTMshared medical program for chronic disease management is her brainchild and has proven to be a successful model for addressing lifestyle and behavior change. Tawny is also on the African Employee Resource Group Steering Committee and is committed to helping minorities achieve their career goals.

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