58 minutes | Jan 25th 2012

The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 85 – Atlantean Synchronized Swimming

The Doctor is in disguise while Scott and Matt are in awe of the craziness and pure camp of the Patrick Troughton 4-part reconstructed serial, ‘The Underwater Menace’.

The TARDIS crew find themselves in the last city of Atlantis just as the insane Professor Zaroff plans to destroy the entire planet by draining the ocean in the the Earth’s core. Can the Doctor convince the Atlanteans that Zaroff is a bucket full of crazy before it’s too late? How long is Atlantean food good for before it spoils? Why does Zaroff have a pet octopus? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Next: David Tennant and “The Girl in the Fireplace”!!

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