38 minutes | Feb 18th 2013

The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 129 – Foamasi Mafioso

Romana is bored while Scott and Matt have mixed feelings about the Tom Baker 4-part serial “The Leisure Hive”.

The Doctor and Romana arrive on Argolis in search of a peaceful holiday at the famed Leisure Hive. Instead they become embroiled in both a takeover scheme by the Argolins’ historic enemy the Foamasi and the machinations of Pangol, the child of the Generator. Can the Doctor put an end to all of this fighting so the people of Argolis can live in peace? Is K-9 smart enough to know he can’t go in water? Why is someone dressing in a foam mascot costume? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Next: David Tennant and “The Shakespeare Code”!!

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