41 minutes | Jan 8, 2017

Big Butts and Smiles

Mark Anthony McCray is a Teacher, Speaker, Writer and Performance Strategist. His passion is helping people get beyond their spiritual, emotional, financial, and entrepreneurial and LIFE limitations. He is committed to killing IGNORANCE and hopelessness worldwide and helping YOU get unstuck and on the way to living God’s best life for you. Known as a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher, Mark Anthony served thousands through his keynote addresses, workshops, outreach programs, podcasts, articles and mastermind groups. As if he’s not active enough, he has a book on the way soon called Live BIG! Die Empty: How to Become the Person You Were Meant to Be. Mark holds a degree in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas State University. Most important, he is always glad to share wisdom with you.. -What inspired you to write the book Big Butts and Smiles: The Economics of Healthy Relationships? -Do you think most women feel that having an attractive body is good enough that they don’t have to bring anything else to the table? From your blog on advice for single women: My advice begins and ends with a few simple thoughts: 1.Be more approachable. 2.Smile 3.Be kind 4.Stop being so judgmental. Can you explain these four in detail? -What do you say to women who feel they shouldn’t have to wait for a man to choose them?
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