19 minutes | Oct 17, 2019

Hashtag Activism (Kinda) Sucks! and Why Are We So Offended?

EP03 - This week, have two topics. The first is on How Hashtag Activism (Kinda) Sucks, followed by Why Are We So Offended? We will look at the way we use hashtags for social activism and see the impact it’s had on different movements from the past few years. In part two, we will explore the effects of the “I am Offended” Culture and see just how it silences us from having Deep Meaning Conversations with one another. Be sure to follow the podcast to receive future episodes and find us on social media @thedmczone. Send us a Voice Message on Anchor with your opinions at https://anchor.fm/thedmczone/message.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thedmczone/message
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