78 minutes | Sep 7th 2020

The Genesis Project - Business Principles for Beginners

On this week of the DJ Doran show we welcome guest, Bernard Gleton, a delightful human and man of many talents. Bernard has an infectious personality and is a beacon of optimism. We hope you enjoy this show as much as we did!

Bernard Gleton is an ex-pro athlete, a tech entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster. After having a very short stint in the CFL (Canadian Football League), 4 years removed from high school and no college football experience, Bernard needed a new challenge. After working some dead-end jobs and he went into the tech field. There, he found a natural groove primarily because of the sports field being very analytical. About 3 years in the tech field, Bernard ventured off and started a business called Netware Technical Solutions, which is a managed service provider, providing IT solutions to businesses. He showed businesses how to leverage technology to get a ROI within 5 years by saving them time, boosting productivity and implementing systems.

Now his new venture is in podcasting. His show, The Genesis Project Podcast, brings guests who has reached some level of success and breakdown the principles, failures and successes to implement them in our everyday lives. He believes that success leaves clues, so he brings his audience with him as together, they find the success clues and put them to work. This allows him to push the entrepreneur agenda forward by promoting entrepreneurship. From his show, he is helping people start businesses and believe in themselves that they can and will achieve the success that they are chasing after.

Check out Bernard's Projects:

The Genesis Project Podcast
The Genesis Project Course

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