98 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

Police Assessment & Evaluation

Welcome to another episode of the DJ Doran Show! Regular listeners will be familiar with our guest on this week's episode. We are delighted to welcome back our dear friend and lovely rumbling voice, Kyle back to the show. This is our third show with Kyle and we expect that you'll be hearing much more from him in the future. Kyle joined us for two previous shows regarding the great COVID debacle but this week's episode is more in his wheelhouse as we discuss all things law enforcement assessment.

The show is broken into three main parts: the process of becoming a police officer, on-the-job assessment, and fitness for duty evaluations following an incident. This show is not meant to criticize any one position or another regarding law enforcement. Rather, we hope to offer an alternative perspective on some information that is in the Zeitgeist of Americans amid recent events. 

As always we challenge our audience to read beyond the headlines, ask questions, and seek the Truth in all things. This isn't the time to be intellectually lazy. 

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