41 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Make Every Second Count

In this episode of the DJ Doran Show, we welcome award-winning international speaker and author; Jeff Marconette Jr. This was an amazing opportunity to hear his remarkable story of surviving against the odds and how he pursues a life of inspiration and gratitude.

Jeff is the host of the “Make Every Second Count” Live show, hosted from his home in Ohio. Jeff is an international speaker, author, youth mentor, and all around delightful human. During our conversation we heard Jeff recount his incredible story, learned many life lessons, and accepted the challenge to “Make Every Second Count.”

Jeff’s wanted to extend an offer to all of our listeners. If you follow the link below and sign up for an account, you can download the first week of Jeff’s journal and get a glimpse of the valuable lessons you could learn from Jeff’s publications. Feel free to reach out to him for any speaking engagements, podcasts, or with any questions that you may have. 


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