51 minutes | Nov 3rd 2020

Community Connections: Steve Foster

We had the pleasure to sit down with Steve Foster (virtually) and learn about his life, his acting career, and his commitment to helping his community. Between acting, media & communications, being a Chaplain; Steve is an incredibly busy person but has many great stories from all of these experiences. In this episode we learn about Steve's life, his time as a Chaplain, and the concept of "Choosing your hard." 

One of the biggest takeaways from this conversation for us was when Steve brought up the concept of “Choose your hard.” This sounds rather simple at first but the sentiment is profound. In short, every choice we make has a series of difficulties that follows. Leaving is hard, staying is hard, choose your hard. The statement calls for us to be present in all of our decisions because if you’re really paying attention, there are challenges everywhere we look. This could go in conjunction with the concept of “The grass is always greener,” in that people tend to look over the fence and long for the ‘other” option because it may appear to be easier, or greener. At the end of the day, we must make choices, and it is better to face what we’ve chosen for better or for worse and live in the moment while being present for the situation we are in. 

We've had a wonderful time connecting with so many local Chicagoans over the past few months. If you know of anyone who you'd think would be a great fit for the show please reach out to us! 

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