60 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

A Letter from MUFON

Welcome to another episode of the DJ Doran Show. Return listeners will remember our last UFO related show with our friend and Chicago Foodie, Wes. In the studio Today we have Jason Guillemette, a fellow podcaster, member of MUFON - the world's leading UFO research organization. In this episode you'll learn about Jason's podcast adventures, UFO sightings in British Columbia, and MUFON (UFO History.) 

Jason's Background:

In late 1994 Jason's understanding about the reality of UFOs was solidified when he and his brother witnessed one up-close for themselves. He spent his teenage years and early twenties frequently following up on the subject by reading books, research and documentaries. He became an Avid fan of ufology and its history.

This year, Jason decided he would become more active in the community of ufology by joining MUFON Canada, and became a certified field investigator himself - and in the process, created a podcast concept that took a deeper look into the ufo/alien subject, by creating UAP Studies podcast. 

Jason currently resides with his family in British Columbia Canada where he investigates UAP related cases in the Lower Mainland.

Jason's Podcast:

The podcast titled UAP studies is available on most podcast broadcasting platforms including Amazon. The main idea and concept behind the podcast is to interview and learn from the best ufologist investigators, journalist out in the field today and teach the listener the techniques and approaches investigating UFOs for themselves a great tool kit for anybody learning the ropes. It's not your average UFO podcast.




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