21 minutes | Apr 30th 2021

Nothing New Under the Sun

Tell me what you think about these two statements: (1) Markets are dynamic, ever-changing forces. They are never predictable, their outcomes are never assured, the inputs are constantly adjusting with the ebbs and flows of different circumstances and facts that have to be monitored, studied, and adjusted as needed. (2) There is nothing new under the sun. I believe these two statements are both true, and I believe that the apparent contradiction between the two actually represents one of the great challenges and obligations for professional investment managers. And that is the subject of today’s Dividend Cafe. We live in interesting times. We live in unpredictable times. And we live in times that offer a milieu of circumstances which combine the novel with the redundant. And for all of the uncertainty about the future and the debate in the present, there does exist a past that can, at a bare minimum, help inform us in the present and in our preparations for the future. The “new” must be informed by the “old.” And that is what we are going to discuss in the Dividend Cafe today. DividendCafe.com TheBahnsenGroup.com
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