65 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

DNP 085: Direct to Consumer - Part 2 (with Mark Beres)

In this episode of the Distillery Nation Podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of having back on the podcast Mark Beres. Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Flying Leap Distillery and Winery located in Elgin Arizona. Our first talk with Mark was back in episode 43, so you can go back and listen to his story on how he got into this business, but in this episode, we went a different direction. What started as a text, we decided to convert it into a podcast with the goal of providing value and a different method of thinking about your business. This episode is focused around the concept of direct to consumer and building your own distribution model based on a few key findings Mark found through his experience. This is a very insightful podcast that all of us need to pay attention to! With a lot of great advice and food for thought!
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