61 minutes | Oct 11, 2020

DD214: Janine "Mama" Lutz (USMC MOM) Turning Tragedy Into Motivation To Help Hundreds of Vets!

Janine shares the emotional story of what motivated her to create an organization dedicated to helping veterans connect to other local veterans. The LCpl Janos Lutz Live To Tell Organization with The Buddy Up Program hosts social nights in several cities around the country and is growing (even internationally). These social nights allow veterans to connect with each other in meaningful ways that improve their mental and emotional well being. They are also designed to allow veterans to network with each other and grow stronger bonds within their communities.There is even an app for that! The app allows local law enforcement and other first responders to quickly connect a veteran in crisis with the local Buddy Up Program. The Buddy Up Program then provides the veteran with a "Buddy" to lean on within 24 hours and access to the program. The "Buddies" are volunteer veterans within the program that are willing to answer the call.Live To Tell has already helped hundreds of veterans, and as it grows to have communities all over the world it will positively affect the lives of thousands of veterans and their families. The only requirements to join is proof of service and a willingness to connect. All services and meetings are free of charge. Go to www.lutzlivetotell.org for more info.
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