28 minutes | Nov 3rd 2020

How To Recruit Like A Pro feat. Jordan Kemper

Jordan Kemper is a 7 figure earner who left med school over 14 years ago to build his direct sales business. He was the fastest grower at a billion dollar company, and was the top enroller for many of those years with his team doing a total of over $1 billion in sales. He is also a published author, and just recently joined a new startup at the very beginning of the pandemic and has already seen explosive growth. In this episode, listen as he shares how confidence and belief are foundational, how you need to focus on questions rather than sales pitches, how consistency wins over intensity every time, how to convert your loyal customers into business builders, and how to truly duplicate.Listen now to learn how to take your recruiting to the next level today!You can find Jordan at http://jordankemper.com or https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJordanKemper or https://www.instagram.com/JordanKemper. You can also find his book, Red Key Revolution, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1626345473.Recent inspiration: Seeing his daughter walk for the first time.Cause he's passionate about: Messenger International. Best advice he's ever received: "Choosing to love God versus loving yourself is what's going to lead you in the right direction."
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