26 minutes | Mar 16th 2021

How To Master The Art Of Influence Feat. Chris Widener

Chris Widener is a best-selling author of 20 books and one of the top speakers in the world who has spoken at over 500 network marketing conferences! He co-hosted the TV show True Performance with Zig Ziglar and also worked with John Maxwell. He became the last protégé of the world-renowned Jim Rohn and even co-authored a book with him that became a best seller called, The Twelve Pillars. In addition to all this, twice in a row, he became the top recruiter at direct sales companies in only one year. In this episode, listen as he shares how everyone has influence, how integrity is the key to wider and deeper influence, and how admiration, respect, and loyalty help you to create longevity in your influence. Listen now to learn how you can apply all of Chris's advice so that you can start having a massive impact now! You can find Chris's latest book Lasting Impact at http://amazon.com/dp/1641464763. You can also join the Fellowship of Christian Network Marketers at https://networkersfellowship.com/. You can also reach Chris at http://chriswidener.com, or https://www.facebook.com/widener/, or https://www.instagram.com/chriswidenerspeaker/. If you’re interested in his coaching program, you can reach out to him at chris@chriswidener.com. Recent inspiration: Reality competition showsCause he’s passionate about: World Vision and Heifer International projects  Best advice he’s ever received: “Be a voice, not an echo.” 
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