27 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

How To Grow Large Teams Consistently Through Retention feat. Armand Puyolt

Armand Puyolt is an 8 figure earner, top leader turned founder, and CEO of one of the most successful direct sales companies in the industry. He was able to own his first home at the age of 18, became a million-dollar earner at age 20, and a five-million-dollar earner at age 25. He has also helped to launch over 20 companies that are in the top 100 in direct sales and has over 500,000 people on his team. In this episode, listen as he shares how to get your recruits excited about joining you, how to close everybody in your presentation, and why retention is the key to sustaining the growth of your business.Listen now to learn Armand’s secrets to residual income and long-term success in direct sales!You can find more about Armand at www.mlmguru.com or at https://www.instagram.com/armandpuyolt/.Recent inspiration: A couple on his team that bought their first home because of their success in the businessCause he’s passionate about: Helping children around the worldBest advice received by Armand: “If you learn to sell, you'll never be hungry.
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