15 minutes | Sep 8th 2016

The Dip – Season 2 Episode 4 – Shawn Stevenson on #1 Secret to Insane Sleep

Remember the days when we were in university and we marveled at medical residents who were able to work 48 hours straight or anyone able to pull all nighters all the time. To quote Arianna Huffington’s book Sleep Revolution, we are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis. I’m willing to bet that a few of our listeners do not get as much sleep as they need – but why? A lot of us feel tired, vow to get to bed earlier and then it never happens. I ask again, why? In this episode, we listen to a clip from Rich Roll from the Rich Roll Show (podcast) where Rich talks to Shawn Stevenson, an expert in health, about the importance of sleep. Rich is a #1 bestselling author, an accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete, and former entertainment attorney who realized that he needed to change his health and his life when he found it difficult to breathe after going up a set of stairs. We learn: * Why Wang loves Season 2 so far * the ‘money time’ for sleep * what happens to your body when it gets dark out and why people get second winds * the time that Wang gets to bed and his night time routine * a program that filters out the blue light for your laptop (fl.ux) * fiction vs. non-fiction books before bed * Shawn’s sleep statistics and what analysis he has done on it * whether we should put our phones in the bedroom or not * whether to prioritize sleep or prioritize work If you enjoyed this episode (and even if you didn’t), please rate and review us on iTunes and subscribe to The Dip on your favourite podcast application. We are interested in hearing about our listener’s night time routines – what do you do before bed to decompress and relax? Let us know on Twitter. Shawn Kanungo (@shawnkanungo) and Wang Yip (@wangyip)  
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