22 minutes | Jan 29th 2017

The Dip – Season 2 Episode 15 – Joe Gebbia, AirBnB, Obama O’s and scaling

When Joe Gebbia started renting out his spare bed to travelers, he had no idea he had stumbled onto something huge. As he and his other co-founders built a site to help manage this ‘bed and breakfast’ for others, they found that they were growing quite quickly and needed a way to fund it. Enter the breakfast cereal: Obama O’s. Though that helped somewhat, they found that it was only a temporary solution and that they would need a way to deal with their growth. A friend told them about this program in San Francisco and the founders went to Y Combinator to get funding, mentoring and advice from legendary VC Paul Graham. Paul’s advice helped make AirBnB a billion dollar company today. What was his advice? How did Obama O’s help them on their way to being a billion dollar company? In this episode of The Dip, Shawn and Wang discuss this and what percentage of a company’s success is hustle? Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let us know on Twitter and if you don’t want to miss another episode of The Dip, please subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or your favourite podcast platform. @Shawnkanungo and @Wangyip  
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