22 minutes | Oct 1st 2016

The Dip – Season 2 Episode 10 – Gretchen Rubin shares her manifestos

Gretchen Rubin, an American author, blogger, speaker and the author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before (as well as other books), hosts a podcast called Happier with her sister Elizabeth that talks about ways to be happier in life (e.g., decluttering). Gretchen asks Elizabeth about her t.v. writing manifesto and Elizabeth shares four rules that she tries to follow. In this podcast, we also learn Shawn’s nickname, what Wang and Shawn’s manifestos are and we hear a sample of Gretchen’s podcast manifesto, which are her rules that she follows when creating podcast episodes. Do you have a manifesto? Do you have a set of rules or principles that you live by? Let us know on Twitter and if you haven’t already, please rate and review us on iTunes and subscribe to us on your favourite podcast platform. @Shawnkanungo and @Wangyip  
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