16 minutes | Aug 30th 2016

The Dip – Season 2 Episode 1 – Jamie Foxx and throwing an incredible party

In Season 2 of the Dip, Shawn and Wang take clips of great podcasts that they listen to and remix them for your pleasure. We dive into each clip and we share the things that we learn and takeaway from each clip. How do you throw an amazing party for less than four hundred dollars that rivals similar parties thrown for a million dollars? In this episode, we hear one of the most incredible stories that Shawn has ever heard from Jamie Foxx from his interview with Tim Ferriss where he talks about throwing the gauntlet down with Puff Daddy to throw an amazing party. Jamie Foxx is an Oscar-winning actor, singer and comedian and generally known as a ‘master’ of all trades. From the clip, we learn: * How people are successful and their strategies for meeting their goals * Whether or not monolith is a word (spoiler alert: it is) * How to elevate your career * Why Silicon Valley is so successful and why it cannot be replicated in other places Lastly, we learn what Wang  took away from this episode (yes, he learned something from Jamie Foxx’s story about throwing a party) and what Shawn’s going to change in his life now that he’s heard this story from Jamie Foxx. Tell us what you think about season two of The Dip. Rate and review us on iTunes or send us messages on Twitter. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to The Dip on your favourite podcast player (Apple, Android, Microsoft) and tell your friends that you are going to throw the most amazing party for less than four hundred dollars where you will listen to the best podcast ever (The Dip). Shawn Kanungo (@shawnkanungo) and Wang Yip (@wangyip)
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