47 minutes | Mar 20th 2016

The Death of Management Consulting?

Background: Wang and Shawn are both management consultants. The Showtime series, “House of Lies”, Don Cheadle’s character portrays the lives of management consultants, which is propelled by sex, liquor, drugs and, yes, money. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Wang and Shawn have had a much different experience. The world of management consulting is on the cusp of disruption with new SaaS products, online content, artificial intelligence, digitization of services and the freelancer economy. Is the model broken? The Dip explores. The Story: In Episode #10 of The Dip, Shawn and Wang debate the pros and cons of management consulting. They explore all the disruptors within the field. The episode gets super deep when Shawn retells a horrific story of one of his projects. At the 28 minute mark, the show takes another turn when the two discuss the existence of “money”. If you haven’t already, please rate and / or review us on iTunes – your rating and review will help us make the podcast even better. Shawn Kanungo and Wang Yip
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