45 minutes | Dec 30th 2015

Everything in 3D

Background: Is 3D printing over hyped? The technology is progressing incredibly fast, and the rate of people entering the space is quickening. If you aren’t familiar with 3D Printing, it is the ability to create physical products from a digital design file. Some people have coined 3D Printing as the next industrial revolution, and Wang and Shawn debate it. The Story: In Episode #8 of The Dip, Wang talks to his friend Bryce Borgel, a designer | machinist | innovator at Titan. Wang and Bryce discuss the myths and truths of 3D Printing. They chat about the wonders of 3D Printed steaks and 4D Printing. Wang and Shawn pitch each other their brilliant, billion-dollar 3D Printing ideas. And Shawn declares that people who eat popcorn in a theatre are disgusting. If you haven’t already, please rate and / or review us on iTunes – your rating and review will help us make the podcast even better. Shawn Kanungo and Wang Yip
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