51 minutes | Sep 29, 2018

The Dinner Club - Episode 3 "The Format"

The Dinner Club - Episode 3 "The Format" in this one we introduce our formal format of the show in segments that cover a variety of topics in a concise manor keeping tones for each one. We start off with "Blessing The Table" with good vibes shouting our community events and movements doing positive work. Then we follow that with "The Feast" which is like eating a meal in the wild...raw and uncut. Followed then by "Digest Slowly" which are far out concepts and theories to ponder outside of our everyday structure and routines. Then we head back the other direction on this seesaw and enjoy "Just Desserts" which will pretty much cover the idiocy of everything. Finally we wrap up with the clean up and leave information and content for future shows! Bless The Table Featured Discussions: New Deadford | E for All | Doodles | S.I.K. Clothing LLC The Feast Featured Discussions: Internet is Trash! | Church & School | Auto Pilot Parents Digest Slowly Featured Discussions: Elon Musk Steps Down --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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