77 minutes | Oct 13, 2018

The Dinner Club Ep8 "Tha F.OH."

The Dinner Club Ep8 "Tha F.OH." As usual we start light with some awesome events going for October in the New Bedford area. Some cool kids events with 3rd Eye and Family! Now....I feel like I said this every week but this week was insane we got over topics from Kanye & Trump to America's love affair with violence, Nationalism flaws, Agreeing to disagree, Procreation thoughts and more! #DigestSlow Bless The Table Featured Discussions: October with 3rd Eye and Family! Oct. 27th & 28th events!!! The Feast Featured Discussions: Kanye Trump Meeting Reaction | Violence: America's Mistress | Common Decency | Fight Decorum Digest Slowly Featured Discussions: Nationalism Sucks | Procreation: Lost in Translation | Agree to Disagree Just Desserts Featured Discussions: Congrats America...you played yourself!!!! | How To Kill Trolls | & much more!!!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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