78 minutes | Oct 8, 2018

The Dinner Club - Ep6 "Fook It All"

The Dinner Club - Ep6 "Fook It All" well...this episode was a turned up one where I let it fly so to the listeners after the table setting and blessing the table..if you're weak of heart log off. I go unfiltered today..blame it on the cold. We start off with shouting out Our Children, Our Future Inc, Life Fundamentals, and more but after that its all madness! Ranging from fact checking the fact checkers, to do women cheat more than men, to Ray the only Kardashian curse survivor or did he create it? Quentin Miller is trash...UFC 229 Russia vs USA vs Ireland and the aftermath! All with a special guest my actual factual brother Jeremy joins the convo! Welcome to a balanced diet of content...remember...#DigestSlow Bless The Table Featured Discussions: Life Fundamentals | Our Children, Our Future Inc. | & More The Feast Featured Discussions: UFC 229 AFTERMATH| Fact Checkers | Untouchable Artists| & More Digest Slowly Featured Discussions: Movies & Prophets | You Care Until You Don't | What Is Your Purpose? Just Desserts Featured Discussions: RAY J: The Curse Survivor | Quentin Miller is TRASH | Appreciate When Ppl Give AF | UFC: REAP WHAT YOU SELL & more!!!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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