54 minutes | Apr 10, 2020

TDC (The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 19: Pull Out Game

In this episode we get right into how we feel about Bernie pulling out of the race. How we wanted to believe his noble cause, but had an understanding that below the surface their are people who just aren't there  to see it through. We also get back into the stimulus check as we like to call it the placebo check because in reality it isn't going to do much for people especially when they have so many loopholes excluding many people who need it, but by time anyone gets it..it won't matter. We discuss  how NY now has more cases than any country in the world alone as the U.S. just had a day of 2000 deaths. Gloveggedon and how MA police has now warned the public that they can get a $5000 fine for tossing their masks and gloves all over the streets. As barbers argue for their jobs to be essential, one barber took matters into his own hands and paid a hefty price. He was doing haircuts from his basement and was found dead. New Bedford "Karen" has a meltdown over gluten free flour. Newbury, R.I. calls New Bedford DJ from Fun107 and had some pretty harsh words about the New Bedford community as a whole as they were quoted for stating "Nasty New Bedford germs" when the D.J. posted that she was having a hard time dealing with isolation and decided to take a drive in their area. During a pandemic people are trying to create a protest to march against the stay at home suggestions. We say let Darwinism do it's job. Everyone is Morpheus with all theses theories when the world needs more Neo's to do something about it as we deep dive into some of these conspiracy theories that just don't add up. Trump forms a new Taskforce to handle getting the economy back running. Will we go back to soon and if so what will be the price? Fred Da Godson's Covid19 prognosis is not looking good as some reports indicate he may not pull through his infection. Teksahi 69 is home and already back trolling. 50 Cent says he would take Tekashi back be his own son Marquise. Woman's claims she was never tested for Covid19 but based on her description of her symptoms she was diagnosed with it by her Dr. The "Don't Rush" challenge goes left. Check all of this and more! Don't forget to follow, like, share and comment The Dinner Club Podcast | @dinnerclubpod  #FoodForThought and don't forget to #CleanYourPlate --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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