97 minutes | Apr 8, 2020

TDC ( The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 18: Capture The Flag

TDC ( The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 18: Capture The Flag In this episode we start off with some straight disrespect we endured, and how have managed to overcome it while maintaining integrity in the face of adversity. Then we get back into this pandemic with new information about U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson being moved to the intensive care unit. We debate whether or not claims of Covid 19 being discriminatory are actually valid or not.  Wisconsin says fuck it and goes ahead with their primaries. We give a shout out to that good old NYC hustlers ambition. Schools are allegedly considering and "Act of God" clause better known as Force Majeure to excuse the missed days of students nationwide. Ty has a very interesting take on this one. People are saying fuck social distancing and still handling their smoke, Surgeon General compares Covid 19 to the Pearl Harbor attacks...Ty ponders the levels of this statement.  Healthcare workers are told to basically STFU about the hazardous conditions they're working through. Is Bill Gates Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne? Some vital D.I.Y mask and glove tips. Irony of the reporting and questions from journalists during Trump's press conferences.  Should the federal government order a nationwide stay at home order or leave it to the states? 3,500 rental cars in Florida go up in flames...fraud or nah or just Florida? Young thot pocket allegedly in Boston posting videos about purposely spreading Covid 19 is being sought after. Young Chop..clout or mental health? Drake trolls Joe Budden on I.G. live as they discuss the possibility of an interview. Would we even care? Also, who we think would make better additions to that interview! Floyd Mayweather's daughter is definitely not social distancing as she is arrested for allegedly stabbing NBA Young Boys Baby Momma. Shout out to Master P for doing his part to help the elderly during this pandemic. Joe Budden's hot take on relationships and women he says "Women Are Delusional When It Comes To Commitment And Companionship With Men!" Is this true or nah? We have a great send off from the legend Tracy Morgan on some tips on how to deal with staying at home. Don't forget to follow @DinnerClubPod #FoodForThought #CleanYourPlate --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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