160 minutes | Apr 3, 2020

TDC (The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 16: 2020 Canceled

In this episode Lonelle and Tyson discuss a variety of topics surrounding the global pandemic. We start off with our vision of a post pandemic economy and what will that look like? We give our take on  the U.S. death toll from Covid 19 now surpassing the people who died in 911. We now have 1 million confirmed cases globally. Also, why are people still getting on cruises? We debate common sense vs convenience. Reportedly some Walmart stores are currently taping off areas to encourage shoppers to be focused on only their essential needs and to discourage whimsical shopping for the sake of. Critics vs Doers and how a level of criticism can be a detriment during a crisis. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is under siege from Covid 19 as the Captain of the ship warns the general public of their situation. He was relieved of duty, was this the right action? Should essential workers be paid more during this time, and what would be the long term plan when this pandemic passes? U.S. media and the CDC are now changing their tone about citizens wearing masks in public, why now? Prisoners are getting infected, but high profile prisoners are receiving an early release. We discuss Tekashi 69 being one those people getting released early and debate how we feel about his release. Will a shift towards a digital currency take place during this pandemic? What are the pros and cons of such a shift? Why are people still in denial that this virus is in fact real? The flu kills approx. 60,000 Americans a year, Covid 19 is not projected to kill more than 100,000+ people, is it now safe to say this is not comparable to the flu? A war with in a war as China and the U.S. continue to trade media and strategic shots at each other as the Chinese Regime amps up its presence in the South China sea. Will the elections be postponed? If so does Trump retain power until it happens, or do they have a designated person in place until then? How would that feasibly work? Everyone is using Zoom to conduct business and hackers are taking advantage by crashing meetings and wreaking havoc. Tyson shares a few pointers to avoid your streams from getting hacked in the future. Plies the rap artists posts a passionate video about giving essential workers a raise; we share out thoughts on his post.  An Amazon worker addressed the media about the non essential items being purchased as he is outraged and states "Dildo's are not essential!" We give our opinion on the matter. Religious leaders denouncing Covid 19 and a mosque was forcefully shut down by its nations government. What is the role of the Federal Reserve? How much money does the U.S. owe China, and will we ever pay it back? The Democrats are back with yet another investigation of the pandemic response from the Trump administration..Is now the time to make this a priority or should be this done once the pandemic as subsided? As always we supplying #FoodForThought and don't forget to #CleanYourPlate Follow Us: @dinnerclubpod for more content and updates! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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