67 minutes | Apr 1, 2020

TDC (The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 15 - The Stimulus w/ J. Johnson

In this episode we sit down with @JJohnsondoinit and have a candid conversation about the Covid 19 stimulus plan, reviewing some of the budget and trying to figure out why some of the line items are even in the plan.  We discuss whether or not to wear a mask and do we think its an effective measure. We talk about the over and under on whether or not April 30th is the last stay at home extension. Also, we get into differing ideas of how to make a living during this pandemic.  We discuss differing scenarios of people being hungry and how they will manage loss of a job and still having bills to pay from the perspective of the marginalized. We give a few ideas on how to combat boredom. Is the general publics criticism helping or harming the progress of dealing with a pandemic? Mental dexterity during these times and how important it is to still have independent thinkers at the table.  Capping the conversation with doing more and saying less. We hope you enjoy the content and thank you for joining The Dinner Club Podcast. #AlwaysFoodForThought #DontForgetToCleanYourPlate --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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