123 minutes | Mar 30, 2020

TDC (The Dinner Club Podcast) EP 14 Covid 19 vs The Streets

The TDC team chops it up with Ace, Mark, Torch, and Iean as we deep dive into the differing street perspectives of the Covid-19 (SARCoV2)pandemic. We discuss very serious and light hearted concepts and questions in our "what if" segment where we pick their brains about the limits they would exceed in differing scenarios while dealing with this pandemic. We discuss everything from Covid 19's possible origins to the many theories that are being circulated through-out the internet. We talk about the collective social responsibility or lack thereof we see in our communities. We are also try to gauge in our personal experiences the level of preparedness we each are taking during this time. After hitting every possible scenario we can think of, we then proceed to loosen up our banter on other current events in the culture. We discuss varying topics from canceling the "set up chick" culture such as Tekashi's 69's Baby Mother Sarah Molina, Jon Jones arrested again for a DUI, while carrying a firearm, Torey Lanez weak ass punch game as he attempted to take a swing at another up and coming artist Joshua Benoit, and much much more in this exclusive 2 hour edition of The Dinner Club Podcast.  #AlwaysFoodForThought #DontForgetToCleanYourPlate  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedinnerclub/support
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